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What More Do I Need? lyrics


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     What More Do I Need?
    >> Sarah Brightman
        Once I hated this city
    Now it can't get me down
    Slushy, humid and gritty
    What a pretty town

    What, thought I, could be duller
    More depressing, less gay
    Now my favourite colour
    Is grey

    A wall of rain as it turns to sleet
    The lack of sun on a one-way street
    I love the grime all the time
    And what more do I need?

    My window pane has a lovely view:
    An inch of sky and a fly or two
    Why, I can see half a tree
    And what more do I need?

    The dusk is thick and it's galling;
    It simply can't be excused
    In winter even the falling snow looks

    My window pane may not give much light
    But I see you, so the view is bright
    If I can love you, I'll pay the dirt no heed!
    With your love, what more do I need?

    Someone shouting for quiet
    Someone starting a brawl
    Down the block there's a riot
    And I'll buy it all!

    Listen, now I'm ecstatic
    Hold me close and be still
    Hear the lovely pneumatic

    A subway train thunders through the Bronx
    A taxi horn on the corner honks
    But I adore ev'ry roar
    And what more do I need?

    I hear a crane making street repairs
    A two-ton child running wild upstairs
    Steam pipes bang,sirens clang
    And what more do I need?

    The neighbours yell in the summer
    The landlord yells in the fall
    So loud I can't hear the plumber
    Pound the wall

    An aeroplane roars across the bay
    But I can hear you as clear as day:
    You said you love me
    Above the sound and speed

    With your love
    What more do I need?
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